KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER AND TEACHING of First Aid and Prehospital Care in the Engineering Courses

Rosangela de França Bail, João Luiz Kovaleski, Daiane Maria de Genaro Chiroli, Vander Luiz da Silva


This study’s purpose is to present a case report, developed in a higher education institution in Brazil and centered on spreading knowledge about first aid among a group of Engineering students, offering a perspective of prevention regarding dangers and hazards in general. Was analyzes a project at the Federal University of Technology - Paraná involving students in Engineering courses. The central modules approached are basic concepts of first aid; clinical emergency; convulsive crisis, intoxication and sudden onset; fractures, hemorrhage control and immobilization of the injured; and burns, bandages, and transportation of the injured. This research results from the diffusion of theory and practice toward knowledge transfer, teaching, training, and the generation of information about techniques and procedures in first aid.


First Aid, Teaching in Engineering, Collective Health, Prehospital Care.

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