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Where do you buy hair on Fantage? -

por Garland Nuzzo (2019-09-23)

hair salon

How do you buy hair in Fantage?
You can buy hair at the Stellar Salon located downtown in Fantage. If you do not have enough stars then play gmaes to earn some :)

How do you get the agent hair on fantage?
you can buy it at the stellar salon

How do you get the straight brown hair on Fantage?
buy it at stellar salon or get it at wizard domain

How do you get a perium member hair on fantage without paying?
buy Ecoins or go to and make a wawagames account and do offers to earn Ecoins for free then transfer your Ecoins to your fantage account then use your Ecoins to buy the hair you want!

Which gems do you use to get the red shaggy hair on fantage?
You have to buy the red shaggy hair at the oasis or a Vintage Classics

What is bb hair on fantage?
bb hair on fantage is basketball hair. it is limited and blonde and moves. it is very cool and very popular now on fantage. Here is more on ASH Hair Salon welcomes you to our luxe hair salon in Fairfield CT. Call (203) 365-0203 to BOOK AN APPT with one of our stylists. look at our web site. everyone wants one

What is the gem combo for Alice hair on fantage?
I have the Alice hair on fantage with ecoins and the combo for Alice hair is 3 black gems

Is it even possible to get membership clothes and hair on fantage with no ecoins?
Become a member. You can then buy those things with stars.

How do you change your hair color on Fantage?
If you want to change your hair color on fantage, you can't. You have to be a member to buy different hair styles that have different colors on them. On fantage you can't change colors of hair. However you can buy some at Stella's Salon. If you want more hairstyles you have to be a member to get even more of them. But no matter what member or no member you can not change colors...

How do you get your haiar done on a game called Fantage?
u don't get ur hair done, u buy ur hair at the Stella's hair shop. (if u are a member, u can buy any kind of hair u want, unless u have enough money. otherwise, u have to buy hair that is for non-members or pay in ecoins. )

Where to buy fantage membership cards?
You can buy a fantage membership card at Toys R Us.

What can you do on Fantage?
On Fantage, you can play games, make friends, go to parties, and chat with people all over the world. It is mostly for kids. It is super fun for everyone. If you are a Premium Member, you can buy Premium Member clothing, pets, hair, and accessories. If you are a Non-Member, you can only buy Non-Member clothing and hair. Have fun playing! /) /) ( ^.^ ) C(") (")

How do you get the electric pink hair on fantage?
You get the Electric Pink Hair from gems.

How do you get the yellow painter hair on fantage?
You get the yellow painter hair from gems.

Do you have too pay to become fantage member?
No, You need to buy membership on fantage.

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