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What do you have to do to have a car wash? -

por Mandy Hackney (2019-09-17)

ask someone to wash the car

What is the best car wash song?
Music associated with the car wash was popularized by the song 'Car Wash'. The song Car Wash was sung by soul singer Rose Royce in 1976. Car Wash is the best car wash song.

How do car wash kits differ from a regular car wash?
Car wash kits differ from the regular car washes in a very obvious way. The difference between a car wash kit from a regular car wash is that a regular car wash is automatic while a car wash kit must be manually used.

Is car wash 3 or 2 syllables?
Car wash has two syllables. (car-wash)

What is the best thing to wash your car with?
The best thing to wash your car with is Armor All car wash.

What is a mobile car wash?
a mobile car wash is when you stick you're mobile phone out of the window when your car is having a car wash

How much Exit space is needed in tunnel car wash?
What car wash theres no car wash on space

Do you have to have a certain license to wash cars?
What kind of a car wash are you looking at? if its a hand car wash from your home and you go and wash peoples car at there homes then no, if you are looking at opening a car wash business you will need a license, as it will be taxable.

Is it better to wash your car at a carwash or at home?
it is better to wash it at a car wash because they know how to do it and they have the speacial chemicals that you will need to wash the car and the perfume but if you want to spend some family time and have fun wash it at home i prefer the car wash because you dont make such a big mess it is better to wash it at a car wash because they...

How do you clean a car?
Well, first its "How do you clean a car" :) There are literally hundreds of ways to clean a car, hand wash, dri wash, steam wash, water-less wash, spray wash, automatic car wash, detailing and many more... the most basic way to clean a car is to wash it by hand using a water hose and a wash mitt with car wash shampoo, the other alternate that many people use is interior & exterior steam...

How much is a car wash?
The price for a car wash varies. A self serve car wash can be .75 cents to start the wash, while a drive in car wash could be several dollars. A hand wash with inside detailing could be over 100.00 dollars.

Car washing with power wash?
No, i wash my car with coke!

What is the predicate for you wash the car with Dad?
"wash the car with Dad."

Songs about cleaning cars?
Car Wash Car Wash the one that is in sharktale. that is like working at the car wash ya wowowowowo

What full service car wash services are recommended?
A recommended full service car wash service is Sparkling Image Car Wash, which uses express wax and cleans car interiors. Another recommended full service car wash service is Hoffman Car Wash where your carpets, seats, and anywhere in your car is cleaned.

How do you build a car wash?
Get a hose and soap.then you got a car wash.

Did you wash the car yesterday a interrogatives?
Yes, i wash the car yesterday

I heard a story recently about a car wash that also had a pet wash on the premises. Are there any car wash businesses in Colorado that also have a pet wash?
There is a car wash business in Colorado Springs that has a pet wash on the premises. It is called Smudge Car and Dog Wash and they are located at 6295 Templeton Gap Road in Colorado Springs.

How do you keep your car windows and car finish from water spotting when you wash and dry the car?
how is to dry it in the car wash is the answer.

How many gallons of water is wasted washing a car?
You can wash a car with as little as 1 gallon when you wash by hand. it takes 58.7 liters to wash a car by hand, and 25.4 when u go thru a car wash.

Car wash place?
i want a car wash job from mathew hale

Where is the best car wash?
the best car wash is on Kentucky on stray avenue

Can you wash your car engine with water?
Yes, you can wash your car engine with water.

Cars per hours at car wash?
A car wash will charge you depending on how big or small your car is.

How do you have a car wash?
speak with a local business about having your car wash on there property. They will say yes because it helps there business> * Your question is a bit unclear, do you want to have your car washed? or do you want to start a car wash business? If you are looking to having your car washed look for local or franchise war washes in your area contact them and have your car washed... If you...

How can you get rid of dog smell in your car?
"Wash it..." "wash it..?" "wash it with fabreeze! :)"

How many litres does it take to wash a car?
Depends how dirty it is.

What do you do when you run over a skunk with your car?
Drive the car through a car wash that has a chassis wash and hope for the best.

What is a good car wash slogan for a fundraiser?

What is the duration of Car Wash film?
The duration of Car Wash - film - is 1.62 hours.

Where could you make a car wash?
The best place to make a car wash is on a busy road or a closed car park.

Can you wash a car with dish soap?
yes you can i wash my dads truck and my moms suburban all the time with it when we run out of car wash stuff...

Does Emily osment know how to wash a car?
She owns a car so I believe she does know how to wash it.

When was Superstar Car Wash created?
Superstar Car Wash was created on -19-10-08.

What is the best thing to wash your car with-?
A general purpose detergent is the best thing to wash your car with.

How cheap can you do a car wash?
Take a look at waterless car wash products. If you clean your car often, you could do it quite economically.

Can you take a softtop through a car wash?
It is not recommended for a laser wash. But a regular car wash that doesnt have alot of pressure behind it should work.

When can you wash your car?
It really depends upon you, I wash my car every week even if its not dirty, some people wash it when its dirty... hope this helps.

What all can be washed in a car wash?
If you leave the windows down and have a bottle of shampoo almost everything can be washed in a car wash! If your in a hurry and have a pickup just put a clothes line in the bed and for $5 bucks you can wash most of your laundry in minutes depending how long you can park under the DRY section! If you are talking about just your car and going threw a car wash...

Best way to wash a car?
Let your kids do it. Wait for the cheerleaders to have a fund raising car wash.

When was Workin' at the Car Wash Blues created?
Workin' at the Car Wash Blues was created in 1973.

How much does the average auto wash cost in Phoenix?
The average price for a car wash in Phoenix is around $10-$20. You can get a cheaper car wash if you go to a do-it-yourself car wash or automated one, instead of having it hand washed by someone.

Is it greener to wash your car at home or taking it to local car wash?
, I understand you are stuck on the question "Is it greener to wash your car at home or taking it to local car wash?'' The answer to this question is washing it at home. It saves energy. If you don't want to wash it yourself, gather some neighbourhood kids and see if they want a job washing your car. Good luck! Reduce,Re-use,Recycle!

What is a car parlour?
It is a carwash (where you wash your car)

Where was the movie car wash was filmed?
The movie "Car Wash" was filmed in Los Angeles at the corner of 6th & Rampart in Pico Union. The actual car wash was demolished. Al's Coffee Shop is now a Mexican restaurant. Many of the surrounding buildings (away from the car wash lot) are still there.

When did the movie Car Wash come out?
The movie Car Wash came out in October 22, 1976. The movie is about a group of car wash employees and the customers they get. The movie stars Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

The owner of a car wash wanted to see how long customers took to wash the cars calculate the expected value to wash the cars?
car wash people get paid 6:00 dallers maxmim

What do humans at home do to effect water purity?
wash car on drive way wash car on drive way

Who invented the automatic car wash?
Richad Spikes The person who invented the first automatic car wash is not known

Is it right you should not wash your car in direct sunlight?
On the car wash bottle it says not to. I'm trying to find out why not to

When was Car Wash - film - created?
Car Wash - film - was created on 1976-10-22.

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