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Play These Games And Puzzles to Play Poker Better

por Hwa Timms (2019-09-19)

Poker is a game of skill. A skill that uses brain power and just like any other muscle, you can train your brain to think faster and better with considerable practice. When we study the top athletes' training routine, they don't just stick to their sport but involve other sports into their regime as it gives them a competitive edge. Like a footballer would also swim, a sprinter would also lift and even like a boxer who would go on long runs for the overall development of their skill in their sport. That's why it is essential to delve into other mind exercises to make you a wholesome poker player. Here are games that will help you improve your memory, logical thinking and attention span that's essential for a game like Poker.


It's one of the most obvious associations with Poker because chess involves anticipating your opponent's move when they are deliberately trying to mislead you. There are great similarities between Poker and garampoker Chess strategies, from opening phase in chess to pre-flop moves and post flop raises. Chess is a perfect amalgamation of math and logical thinking which will help you with your in-game techniques.


If you cannot get someone to sit and play a game of chess with you, then try your hand at Sudoku. One of the most important skills to possess as a poker player is patience and an attitude to never give up. While every sudoku player will tell you that this game teaches you a 'try and try' attitude, there is another skill one acquires playing the game. That important skill is called 'paying attention to detail'. Every poker player worth their salt will be concentrating on their table so much that even if there was a marching band behind them, they wouldn't notice. Sudoku teaches concentration and increases attention span making it an excellent game to play to improve your skills in poker.

Video Games

Your parents might say nothing good will ever come out of sitting with your console and playing games all day, but a study done by the researchers at the University of Rochester would beg to differ. According to them, fast paced video games teach people take sensory data and translate them into quick and correct decisions. With a plethora of popups during video games we tend to activate our peripheral vision which is also essential while sitting on a poker table to read your opponents. Want good results in your next poker game? Go on and play Pub-G or Fortnite!

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