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What is auto body repair history? -

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Auto body repair job description?
The auto body repair duties include removing, replacing and repairing the damaged parts of motor vehicles. The auto body repair mechanics usually get into the job after undergoing training in vehicle mechanics.

What would be a good name for an auto body shop?
Auto Body Place Real Repair Auto Body Shop *your name's* Auto Body Plaza

What do you call a person who paints cars?
An auto body repair person, or auto body technition

Would a regular auto body repair shop be able to fix a cracked bumper?
Many times local auto repair shops do have the ability to fix a cracked bumper. However, for the best repair options you should contact an auto body repair shop. Auto body repair shops specialize in these types of issues and will have all the necessary equipment and expertise. Remember, some major franchises and small business shops may have both auto repair and auto body options. Don't forget to call at least three shops to receive...

What do you call a person that paints and fixes dents on a car?
An auto body repair person, or auto body technition.

Where can I find an auto repair shop in Orlando?
You can find a pretty comprehensive list of auto repair shops in Orlando at website

What company in Tucson has the best ratings for auto body repair?
Yahoo Local has some ratings for auto body repair shops in Tucson: website . Also try the CitySearch listings for Tucson: website .

What do I need to start an auto body paint & repair business?
There are many things you need in order to start an auto body paint and repair business. Most important, you need a college education.

What category would a consumer look for in the Yellow Pages for car repair?
To find someone who can do car repair in the Yellow Pages, one would generally look for an automotive mechanic. However, some types of car repair, such as auto body work, are more specialised. For auto body work you would look for an auto body shop.

Where can I go for auto body training in South West Virginia?
You can go to COLLISION REPAIR / AUTO BODY SCHOOLS "> Who does auto body repair in Houston?
There are plenty of body repair shops in Houston. Some include: Auto Body Shop, Collision Center - 5625 Bellaire Blvd, Santa Ana Auto Body Shop 5502 W 34th St, and Nationwide Collision Centers 3575 S Loop W Fwy,

What is a good name forAuto repair shops starting with a?
Always Reliable Auto Repair Auto Repair Corner Auto Repair Place Auto Repair Plaza

What is body patch?
A body patch is a patch that is used to repair a hard surface. It is often used to repair auto bodies, trailers, drain pipes, and boats.

Where is there an auto body repair shop in Stockton, CA?
There is a Maaco Collision Repair "> Can a bent frame on a 2007 Chevy truck be repaired?
A auto body repair shop with a frame machine can repair the frame.

What auto repair companies are located in Houston?
There is a vast selection of auto repair companies located in Houston. Some of the auto repair companies that come to mind are Midtown Auto Service and Repair, Fiesta Auto Center and Auto Care Unlimited.

Can a fiberglass bumper be repaired?
Yes, any auto body shop should be able to repair

Can you replace roof on car?
Yes if you are skilled in auto body repair and have the proper tools and equipment.

How much does auto body repair man make in Illinois?
about 16 an hour also depends where you work at

What are some cheap auto body repair shops in the GTA area?
There is Henry's Auto repair shop which prides itself in their dedication to get your car running smoothly. They have been around for the past fifty years and is a very reputable shop.

What is a good name for an auto repair shop?
"Dewy, Cheatem and Howe Auto Repair"

What services are performed at an Auto Body Shop?
Many services can be performed at an auto body shop. They can repair a car that has been in an accident. They can also repaint a car if someone is looking to make their car a new color.

Do body shops sell organs or hair?
Body shops do not sell organs or hair. Body shops have nothing to do with the human body, but rather concern themselves with auto repair and maintenance.

What has the author Thomas A Mellon written?
Thomas A. Mellon has written: 'Chilton's auto body repair' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Maintenance and repair, Bodies, Automobile detailing

What is the average pay for a auto body repair technician?
website 60,000 per year

How do you repair cracks and chips in the fiberglass of a hot tub?
Use auto body filler and a paint made for plastics.

What do you do when the CTS gas door is stuck and will not open when pushed?
Take the car to a garage or an auto body shop for repair.

Does a auto repair body shop have to carry insurance?
yes it has to carry insurance because they are dealing with so many of other people's cars there for they have to carry auto insurance.

Where could I train in auto transmission repair for VW models?
You can look into attending Wyo Tech for such training. You can also Auto Body Tech is also qualified for such training.

What is auto repair hourly rate?
The auto repair hourly rate will depend upon the garage. Many auto repair places will charge anywhere from $75 to $125 per hour.

Is auto body repair expensive?
Well anything dealing with repair of an automobile is not cheap. It generally depends on the business but you are looking at least $45 an hour but most likely more.

If you purchase an auto with a salvage title does that mean the vehicle is no longer road worthy?
It does not mean that the auto is not road-worthy. What it does mean is that the auto has previously been in a wreck and considered totalled by the insurance company. Many times, an insurance company determines it is cheaper to "total" the auto than to pay the costs to repair it. Auto body and repair shops will scout around for later model autos that have been "totalled" and buy them to repair and re-sell...

How can you remove door dings?
Unless you are experienced with auto body repair, it is best to take the vehicle to an experienced, reliable body repair shop. You can find them in the Yellow Pages, but should check out their work before you allow them to work on your vehicle.

How much on average to get a complete auto body paint & repair job?
A paint job will usually cost between 350 to 700$. Body repair is just a general term and the price depends upon the extent of the work needed.

What is a good auto repair shop in Miami?
The Sears Auto Center seems to be a one stop shop for all your auto repair needs.

How much does auto body repair pay?
Not nearly enough for all the hazzards you are exposed to and stress and bs you have to deal with. Missouri

Where is the best auto body repair shop in my area?
Without knowing where your area is, website will help you to located the business you are looking for.

What is a person who fixes dented fenders on a car called?
auto body repair technician, aka. mud slinger , mud man, dent jerker, body guy, body man.

What kind of schooling do I need to become an auto body repairman?
Programs in auto body repair are usually offered by tech and vo-ed schools. It is not uncommon that someone learns the trade on-the-job. Formal training would increase the opportunities for someone who had not been around the business. This site gives a directory of auto body training programs: website

What types of tools do auto body repairs use?
Most common tools for repairing metallic body parts are "Auto Body Repair Hammers." Some skilled mechanics can even use "An English Rolling Wheel." For holes in the body, Fiber glass resin and/or bondo can also be used.

Where can I purchase auto parts to repair a Mazda B2000?
One could purchase auto parts to repair a Mazda B2000 from the Mazda B2000 Auto Parts online catalog. Other places to purchase auto parts to repair a B2000 would include O'Reilly Auto, Advance Auto Parts and also Auto Parts Wearhouse.

Where is best Land Rover Repair in Savannah ga?
Haberman's Auto Repair downtown 920-7858 Haberman's Auto Repair downtown 920-7858

What does the showroomshine website offer?
They offer auto detailing and wheel repair and interior repair and variety of detailing repair of auto and they also offer you a cleaning of your vehicle.

Where is a good body shop where you can work on your own car in Rialto, CA or near by?
You will find several good repair shops in the area. I would suggest trying the services at J "> In automotive collision repair who is responsible for primer application the painter or the auto body tech?
Primer application is a part of the paint preparation.

Where can one find automobile repairs in Detroit?
There are multiple automobile repair businesses in Detroit. Some of the better known locations are: Firestone Auto Repair, Detroit Auto Repair, Sam's Auto Repair, Maurice's High-Tech Automotive Service, Speedy Auto Service, J&L Foreign Auto Centre and other small garages. One could choose an auto dealer as a choice.

How many auto repair shops are in Minnesota?
There are currently 1,091 auto repair shops open throughout the state of Minnesota.

Are there any auto repair shops in the Stockton area?
Yes, there are auto repair shops in Stockton, CA. Try Five Star Automotive at (209)466-7827 or Bill Parks Auto Repair at (209) 477-4115‎.

Where is the cheapest auto body shop to paint & repair a car in the Bronx?
As far as a nationwide chain I would go with MAAco. You may be able to negotiate a great price with a local repair shop in your area.

Will most regular auto repair places do RV repair too?
Typically common auto repair places will not service RVs standard. Your best bet would be to go to a repair dealer that repairs RVs.

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