Evolução da degradação oxidativa de ecodieseis de Girassol e Algodão

Luiz Di Souza, Vasco Lima Pinto, Francisco Adriano Góis Oliveira, Anne Gabriella Dias Santos


The project prepared ecodieseis B5 and determined their physicochemical properties. The ecodieseis were obtained from biodieseis synthesized with sunflower and cotton oils. It was made ​​and its qualities such as monitoring of possible changes to the characteristics of these materials as a function of storage time at room temperature, analysis via density, surface tension, water and sediment content of acid value and saponification. The results indicated a change in properties as a function of storage time, showing that the material has decreased molecular weight and density and surface tension increased during storage. This is due to degradation causing the breaking chain, increases the mobility and the packaging thereof closer together and increasing the intermolecular interaction. This behavior is common to both ecodieseis, but with different intensities, which is certainly due to their different molecular structures. It can be concluded that the methodology used is suitable for monitoring the quality of ecodieseis and after 13 months of storage, despite the changes observed, the ecodieseis continued with these properties to the extent permitted by law.

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